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JT Yesterday's in Evans, Come In & Let Us Take You Back...

Remember When...

Remember when you could run next door to get your best friend so that he could help you build that cardboard fort in your back yard? Remember when girls played with hula hoops and hopscotched on the sidewalk? When you got thirsty you could drink from the garden hose. Remember candy cigarettes, coke floats, fireflies, and milk delivered in glass bottles straight to your house? No one locked their doors, and kids played outside until 6:00 p.m., when the family sat down for dinner together. Whether you grew up in the 50s or have just heard someone reminiscing, you know that those were days to hold on to. At JT Yesterday's our goal is to take you back, even if just for a moment, so that you might be able to soak in the spirit of a simpler time and leave feeling a little lighter than when you came. We look forward to you visiting us at JT Yesterdays, where the waitresses are your friends, the food is just like mom used to make from scratch, and memories are waiting to be made. JT Yesterday's...where the only thing frozen is time!

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JT Yesterday's...Where the Only Thing Frozen is Time.